Friday, February 29, 2008

Lacey Wings

This is my directions on how I made my lacey wings for the Dark Fairy. Supplies I use:
paper, pencil and pen
black organza
watersoluable stabilizer, 2 different weights
sewing machine
embossing gun

using paper and pencil I hand drew a picture on how I want the wings to look. I place the lighter weight stabilizer on top of my drawing and trace it with a black pen. Sandwich: heavy stabilizer, organza and lightweight stabilizer. Stitch around the design or stitch the block edge.

now you want to stitch the outlines of your wings several times.

Normaly when I do freemotion stitching I take my foot off and just use the shank but on these wings I used forward and my back button. I did a crisscross in each section I outlined, back and forth then did a straight stitch to try to catch all the stitches.

now to cut away the excess around the edges and soak in cold/warm water to disolve the stabilizer. Make sure all of the stabilizer is gone, run under water and squish around with your fingers to get rid of all the gumminess.

I stitched pipecleaners on the top and bottom edge of the wings for posing. then I heat distressed using my embossing gun.

I cut off the extra pipecleaner and this what the wings look like on my doll.

Dark Fairy

I wanted to make a dark fairy and this is all I could come up with.

New doll

I made this new doll, her face is redone.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fiberart cloth dolls

One of my most favorite pastime is working with fibers.

Fairies Imp

I made some little beaded dolls I named Fairies Imp, they have polymer clay faces and wings with a fully beaded body on felt. These are pindolls. I have 3 left and they can be purchased from my etsy shop:

Polymer clay

I like to work with polymer clay but i havent touched the stuff since last year. Here is some things I do with it.